Lalenok United FC Will play against AS Marca in the Quarter-Finals of COPA FFTL 2020

By Lalenok United | October 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

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As the winner of group A Lalenok United automatically will face the runner-up of Group B As Marca in the quarter-finals of COPA FFTL 2020.
Head Coach of Lalenok United Simon Elissetche pay respect to the AS Marca for successfully classifying to the quarter-finals, He states that “AS Marca is the surprise of the Cup, a team that just rose from the third division last year and has managed to classify among the top 8 of the FFTL Cup, where the 20 first and second division teams were participating. They deserve all our respect” .
About the match that will play between LAlenok United and As MArca, Simon Ellicethe observes that AS Marca propose a game with a lot of struggle with a very well defined formation (4-3-3), I expect a very disputed game in midfield. We have worked two formations with the intention of dominating the game and achieving the passage to the semifinals.
The match will played in Estadio Municipal de Ermera on 15 of october this year.