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2016 – Club’s Foundation
The idea of ​​founding the club was motivated by the huge advance of sport in Timor-Leste. The existence of the club was to contribute to the development of the country, by providing opportunities to young people to participate in the development process through sport. This idea was realized in 2016, when the Club Lalenok United was founded, chaired by Mr. Pedro Belo Together with other members: Jose Pinto, Marçal Ornai Neto and Trensius Letto.

The LALENOK UNITED Club was founded with the initiative of young football lovers and the result of the increasing popularity of football in Timor-Leste. “Since before, we have had a dream to produce talented players, especially young people to perform at the national and international levels. Based on the historical facts, we wish to create the spirit of sport in the country and continue to educate the new generations, especially our young people to love more football” said President Club Mr. Pedro Belo.

The Name of Lalenok (in English means Mirror) was chosen with the idea of it could be like mirror that can reflect the passion, love, courage, dedication, sacrifice and hardworking that Lalenok has on football to other clubs.

Clube LALENOK UNITED derived from the value of friendship, fraternity and humanity based on national unity, which reflects the Timorese cultural identity that remains prolific and maintains the sporting spirit of professionalism as an example of dedication to the nation

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